Friday, September 17, 2010

Colored iPhones to make a splash at WWDC 2010?

An iPhone HD prototype we’ve all seen could represent just one of many colored flavors. That’s right, color may come to the iPhone at last.
According to the rumor-mill, Apple could sell the next iPhone in a variety of colors, in addition to obligatory black and white models. Cool new mockups let you see how a little bit of color might breathe a new life into the design of the product.
We’ve been especially liking a set of awesome iPhone HD renderings published at iSpazio that depict a ceramic white iPhone HD model, in addition to green, purple, and blue flavors. Of course, they’re just mockups so don’t take those images for granted. On the other hand, those renditions do represent a realistic take stemming from the looks of Apple’s allegedly lost iPhone prototype rather than an artist’s purely imaginative vision of what the device could look like.

A new leak from a Taiwanese site supports the black and white iPhone model theory. As you can see in the below shot of the white iPhone HD photographed somewhere in Asia, the device looks even better than the black iPhone HD model we’ve grown accustomed to.

Nevertheless, while the latest mockups and spyshots do look extremely realistic, there’s no guarantee Gizmodo’s iPhone they stem from does in fact represent the real thing until Steve Jobs takes the stage and pulls the iPhone HD out of his pocket.

For all we know, Gizmodo and the entire web may have participated in Apple’s experiment, a staged leak designed to divert public attention from the real prototype while letting Apple gauge what the blogosphere thinks of the next iPhone – a giant free market survey, if you will.

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