Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 32GB review

Apple's annual update to its iPhone comes at a time when the latest Android handsets from companies like HTC are providing stiff competition. iPhone 4's big selling point is its sharper Retina Display screen, a beefier processor and battery life, and a front-facing camera with Apple's new FaceTime video calling tech. Is it enough of a leap over the iPhone 3GS? Read on to find out.
What we like
The iPhone 4 is certainly a slinky piece of hardware: it's flatter and slimmer than the 3GS, with a toughened glass coating on the front and rear, and a stainless steel band running round the edges. It feels reassuringly solid too, although only time (and a few accidental drops) will tell if it really can stand up to the knocks and bumps that Apple promises it can.

Apple iPhone 4 - 32GB - black (AT&T)

The good: The iPhone 4 offers enhanced performance, a lovely new display, and an improved design. It also adds a ton of sorely needed features, both by itself and through the iOS 4 update.
The bad: Multitasking entails some trade-offs, and home screen folders are limited to 12 apps. AT&T reception continues to be spotty, and you'll need a case for the best calling reception. Also, we'd prefer a 64GB model.
The bottom line: With the iPhone 4, Apple again shows that it is a powerful player in the smartphone wars. It won't be for everyone, the call quality and reception vary if you don't use a case, and AT&T's network remains a sticking point, but the handset's striking design, loaded feature set, and generally agreeable performance make it the best iPhone yet.
Editors' note: In light of Apple's decision to offer free cases for the iPhone 4's antenna, we are not changing our original iPhone's 4 rating. We are, however, withholding the Editors' Choice rating because of the attenuation issues that we experienced.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is Apple bumper case scuffing steel antenna band on iPhone 4?

Users are reporting scuff marks and scrapes because of Apple's bumper case.
(Credit: ASD user dadooo)
According to a growing thread in the Apple Support Discussions forums, the Apple bumper case, made specifically for the iPhone 4 (and a major part of the "Antennagate" solution), is scratching the steel antenna band.
ASD user Dayvidpriddy reports:

"I received my black bumper about a week ago now. Took off the bumper tonight to clean my phone down and there are scratch marks on the steel band from the bumper (this is caused from the pieces of hard plastic on the underside of the bumper."
Many of the comments after the initial post point out that it is extremely unlikely that the hard plastic used to make the bumper would cause scratches on the stainless steel band. What is more likely is that some debris got between the case and the iPhone, causing the scratches.
ASD user richiebarthez, however, reports that Apple acknowledged the possibility that the bumper could have caused the scratching and replaced the unit:

iOS 4 troubleshooting: Unable to view e-mail previews, receiving blank messages

Blank e-mail messages can be frustrating.
(Credit: Apple)
One of the oddest things I have encountered while using my new iPhone 4 running iOS 4 is the occasional blank e-mail message or lack of message preview in Mail. A few simple steps can help alleviate the issue and have you back to your normal message-reading sanity.
After setting up a new account on your iOS 4 device, you may find that the Mail App will not load message previews or show that you have a message from "(No Sender)."

Apple could alleviate iPhone 4 proximity sensor issues with iOS change

A simple change to iOS could help solve continuing iPhone 4 proximity sensor issues.
(Credit: Apple)
One of the major issues surrounding the iPhone 4 release this summer was the proximity sensor failing during phone calls, resulting in muting, conference calling, and other inadvertent touch input. Despite the promise of relief in the iOS 4.1 update, many users, including myself, are still having proximity sensor issues.
A forum thread on the Apple Support Discussions addresses a functionality of the sleep/wake button (the one on the top of the iPhone) that could help users experiencing proximity sensor problems, if Apple would adjust the code in iOS slightly.

Tips Troubleshooting iPhone 4

If you can not turn on the iPhone or the display freezes or can not respond to, following his tips:

1. Press and hold both buttons 'sleep / wake' and the 'home' at the same time at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
2. If it does not work, delete all existing content on the iPhone. From the home screen, select Settings>> General>> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings.
If it still does not work, restore the iPhone software:

1. Make sure you have an internet connection and no installation of latest version of iTunes from / iTunes
2. Connect the iPhone to the computer,
3. In iTunes, select iPhone in the source pane and click the summary tab,

4 Easy Answers to iPhone 4 Problems

So what if some iPhones lose reception when the hand covers the antenna? That's your problem, not Apple's. "Non issue," Apple chief executive Steve Jobs told a MacRumors forumgoer via e-mail. "Just avoid holding it in that way."
Fair enough, but what about iPhone 4's other reported issues, including screen discoloration, reversed volume buttons, stubborn cameras and scratched glass? If Apple's going to pin the antenna problem on users, why stop there? Here's how the company should handle all those other pesky complaints:

Yellow Blotches or Bars on the Screen

It's called Xanthopsia -- yellow vision. Look it up on Wikipedia. You'll find an article suggesting Vincent Van Gogh was affected by Xanthopsia due to a certain kind of epilepsy medication, and the result was some really awesome art. Think of the wonderful things you'll do on an iPhone 4 with a yellow-blotched screen. You probably won't go insane and cut off your own earlobe.